Diabetes Research

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Diabetes is fast becoming one of the worlds leading problems, Due to bad diets, Lack of exersize and lack of education in understanding how a healthier lifestyle can prolong your life.

KLI have all been affected by Diabetes, One of the current players Lee Aberdein has Diabetes and in the last year has undergone complications that has involved many of his team mates, Without a understanding of the disease and how it effects diabetics it can cause a ripple of events that are scary to all.

Lee has raised money for Diabetes over the years in various events and will continue to do so, Diabetes research is close to a cure nd have been close for some time so any funding they have can save millions of lives, KLI will continue to support this cause and help to raise money when they can thru various events .

All future fund raising will be posted here so you can offer your support and donations to another worthy cause.