KLEVL Cup 2014/15




KLI V Wanderers
KO 4pm Saturday 27th June
KLFA Stadium

After weeks of waiting the big day had arrived, Cup Final day, The top 2 in the league went head to head for the battle to take home the KLEVL cup, KLI looking to take home the double after already securing the title weeks earlier.

On a hot Saturday afternoon, both teams took to the pitch for the warm ups, Wanderers in there usual black and white stripes, KLI in the Orange,

As usual with all cup finals all players try to be available, However KLI were missing some big players, The Big Dutchman Wim stranded on International duty in his native Holland was one noticeable miss, KLI’s gaffer Pete Diaz went with the following line up,

Muzz Shaz Rey Todd
Mark Kris Marcelo Gaz
Abers Davey

On the bench, Jason, Evan, Mikey V (due to a late arrival) Bluesy and the gaffer himself,

Wanderers as expected had brought in the big guns, This was a very different and much changed team to the ones faced in the league, KLI took this as a compliment that in the big games against them the opposition will always try and bring in the best, Would this Wanderers team be able to stop a hat trick of defeats to KLI this season?

In the season finale KLI started off like men on a mission, The KLI front men chased and the midfield won every ball, This looked like it could be a long afternoon for Wanderers..

KLI had several half ish chances in the opening exchanges, Mark Williams offering crosses from the right and Gaz was a threat from the left, Kris and Marcelo in the centre starting every move, Shaz and Todd handing out the support to the wide men,

First chance of the half and it came from a long ball from Reymond from the back, who had made his way to the right hand side, Picking out Abers in the centre who took the ball on his chest and laid a ball back to top scorer Davey, taking it in his stride he cut back from the edge of the area and curled right footed a shot that beat the keeper but not the post!

A KLI corner lead to the next chance and again the woodwork came to Wanderers rescue, Davey taking the corner from the left hand side and Kris charging into the box connected well but only to see his header come back off the bar..

For all of the dominance of KLI, It was Wanderers who against the run of play took the lead, Wanderers with the ball on the right hand side in their own half and a long ball sent forward, The Wanderers striker just nipping past Rey and finding himself one on one with Kingsley, left footed he tucked the ball home past a despairing dive from the keeper, KLI 0-1 Wanderers

KLI and not for the first time this season had to bounce back…. and bounce back they did… KLI attacking down the wings and a free kick was won on the edge of the box on the right hand side, With the players filling the box everyone was expecting a cross, Kris taking the kick quickly and picking out Marcelo who unmarked on a slight angle right footed placed the ball into the top corner of the left hand side leaving the keeper with no chance! KLI 1-1 Wanderers

With the time ticking down to the end of the half , KLI were still the more dominant side, yet chances for both teams were few and far between, In the dying minutes KLI strode forward, A ball lofted to the back post was met by Kev Blues who left footed drove the ball across the goal, Slightly to high for Mark who was charging in back post, Mark gathering the ball tried to beat the Wanderers defender.. once, twice, Then he slipped, still managing to win the ball back he drove the ball across the goal, 2 Wanderers defenders getting in each others way and the ball fell to Abers, 7 yards out and he connected flush and smashed the ball between the keepers legs to give KLI the lead at half time! KLI 2-1 Wanderers

Half time and KLI had turned things around, However both teams knew there was still plenty of life left in this game.

KLI kicked off the 2nd half,

From all the dominance of the first half, the 2nd half was all about Wanderers, KLI looked slow and sluggish and generally tired, Wanderers had full confidence and took on the KLI defence again and again.

KLI still 2-1 up, didn’t really create anything in the opening 15-20 mins of the 2nd half and with Wanderers having all the possession it seemed only a matter of time before a goal came… and the goal came courtesy of a mistake!
A long ball from Wanderers, played towards the left hand side of the box and Gaz with no one around him took flight and completely missed the ball, The ball landed at the feet of the wanderers striker who moved into the box, Evan caught wrong side tried to tackle from behind, more clumsy then anything and down the striker went, Ref pointed to the spot! Penalty!!
The wanderers striker took aim and slotted the ball home past Kingsley, KLI 2-2 Wanderers

Game on!

With changes being made and the heat still beating down, the game took on a slower pace… Full time KLI 2-2 Wanderers

Generally games in the cup go straight to pens, However after the managers and captains all agreed, the game continued into extra time, 10 mins each way to see if anyone could settle this tie!

KLI who for most of the 2nd half had been pinned back took the early advantage and it was an old head who struck first, the Wanderers defender took too long on the ball about 30 yards from goal and Marcelo nipped in and stole the ball, one on one with the keeper, Marcelo went for a cheeky outside of the right boot flick with the keeper sticking out a hand and the ball rebounded out, Glenn quickest to the ball, nipping in and left footed placing the ball into the empty net! KLI 3 – 2 Wanderers

Half time AET KLI 3-2 Wanderers

In the 2nd half, Davey had a chance to kill off the game, a long ball over the top fell to the lightning quick Davey and he found himself one on one with the keeper, toe poking it towards the goal the keeper stuck out a leg and the ball bounced to safety, Davey trying to get hold of the rebound but it spun back into the keepers hands…

With the time ticking away, KLI were a seconds away from being crowned champions… Wanderers on their last attack, throwing players forward and KLI just trying to clear everything the ball found its way ut to the right hand side, A ball whipped in evaded everyone and the Wanderers striker found himself with a yards space and bullet headed the ball into the back of the net past the outstretched arm of Kingsley! with virtually the last kick of the game Wanderers had taking the game into extra time KLI 3-3 Wanderers.


Were the 5 who wanted the pens

Marcelo putting KLI 1 up
Wanderers 1-1
Abers 2-1
Wanderers 2-2
Kris missed 2-2
Wanderers 2-3
Rey 3-3
Wanderers 3-4
Todd 4-4
Wanderers to win it, Missed! 4-4

4-4 after the first 5 pens each and now down to the players who dont like to take the pens!

Davey 5-4
Wanderers 5-5
Mikey V 6-5
Wanderers 6-6
Glen 7-6

The fans are on the pitch.. They think its all over….

Wanderers to stay in the game.. Missed!

It is now!!



The Wanderers strikers miss meant that KLI were taking home the glory! The double had been achieved! The KLI players celebrating and charging across to bundle the big keeper Kingsley!!

After a long hard season, KLI had taken home the glory on all fronts! A marvellous season for everyone involved with the club to be proud of!

Now with the season over, Players will be going on there holidays and resting up, The KLI EOS Awards night isn’t until August so a well deserved rest can now be had before the celebrations start again.

Congratulations to the new 2014-2015 League and Cup champions The Mighty KL International FC!