Luis Pablo Pozzuto

luis pablo pozzuto

Luis Pablo Pozzuto is a former football player born and raised in a country known for an incredible passion for football, Argentina.

From his childhood until today, football has driven his life, became a natural passion when he started playing in youth clubs at the age of 7. Ten years later, he signed his first professional contract.

With Diego Maradona himself as teammate Luis evolved within first division teams in Argentina during 11 years (San Lorenzo, Chicago, Estudiante, etc..) and Europe (Dundee United, Scotland) where he experienced high pressure mixed with the daily life of a professional player, sharing the joy in the victory and learning from the failures.

At 29 years old, after a short period in Middle East, the player joined Malaysia and the local teams such as Penang and Kelantan FC and enjoy playing in a quieter environment.

Completely retired from the football pitch, he stayed however on the bench as the coach in various Malaysian football clubs such as USM Penang, Public Bank super league and Malacca State Team where he became champion of both leagues.

At 45 years old, he is Director and the head coach for the Kuala Lumpur Youth Soccer, a well-known club he created for children from all around the world. At the KLYS, rigor, respect, and team effort is the guidance of the academy.

The Argentinean coach does not just see football as a sport but as a real school of life, almost a philosophy. “In fact on the ground, you’re like in real life. We must teach young people to be independent, responsible and able to take decisions”. Developing characters through passion and determination, Luis Pablo pays also attention to his pupils by teaching them respect, healthy way of life, sacrifice and friendship. Coach and spiritual leader of the club, Luis can be proud of what he has done: “All nationalities work together Football is only one.”